Technical Support and Services

Computer systems are subject to issues due to training, data or equipment failure. BMS provides telephone support to resolve each of these issues. We create a team to keep your BMS computer system running smoothly. BMS customers pay the lowest monthly support fees in the industry. These fees include: unlimited telephone support and consulting, hardware failure diagnosis and assistance, on-going software enhancements and improvements.

We have a three-tier support group for customer support. The calls to our telephone support department come in to our tier one group who takes the call and records the information. If they can, the problem is resolved with this initial contact. This happens in a majority of calls, in fact over 80 percent of calls are questions that can be answered by level one support. If they cannot resolve it, the customer is given their call number and the call is escalated to the next tier.

If one of the second tier support reps are available, the call is transferred, otherwise the customer is told to expect a call back. When the second tier rep takes the call, contact is made with the person making the call. The customer is given the call number and a review of what was recorded from tier one. Then that support representative gives the customer some idea about where the call is going, i.e. how long it is expected to take, what the preliminary plans are, etc. A vast majority of calls are concluded by this point.

Eventually, management or programming get involved as tier three. Once a call is escalated to Tier three the Tier two rep escalating the call would let the customer know about the change in status. The tier two support rep remains the point of contact with the customer unless the tier three rep needs information directly.

Company policy is for the support rep to follow up periodically with customers that still have issues open and review the progress as well as updating their BMS salesman. More often than not any delay in resolution on these issues is more related to our ability to contact the customer about the call, so please try to be available for assistance.

Our goal is for complete customer satisfaction with their BMS system. We are here to keep your BMS system running smoothly.