BMS Provides Excellent In-store Training

Every BMS system comes with a complete training package including on-site training. This occurs in two stages, at installation of the system and at the go live. The initial on-site training is in conjunction with the delivery and installation of equipment. The trainer provides a "Getting Started" manual and reviews this document with the store personnel. This provides an overview of the initial operating procedures the store will be accomplishing from the point of installation until the store is ready to go live.

The trainer returns to the store after the customer has attended the detailed classroom training session to assist the store in going live on the system. Typical stores may send just a single person, or a few key people, to the classroom training while the rest of the store personnel can get trained with this key person and the BMS trainer at go live. The BMS trainer is on site when the customer is ready to start waiting on your customers to hold your hand through this exciting time. By the end of the two days of going live, the customer is up and running on your new BMS system.

Additional days of on-site training are available during business days when scheduled for $650 plus expenses per day.