BMS System Implementation

BMS is a full service system who works to provide premium computer systems and software, however our job would not be complete if we were not involved in every step of the preparation, installation and implementation process. This process is described in detail below with several key steps highlighted to give you a full understanding of our commitment to providing you a smooth transition. 

Essentially there are three major steps which we take in the implementation process the first being the pre-system installation, second being the date of initial installation, training and phase 1 Go-live and the third being the date of additional training and phase 2 Go-live. 

Prior to any of these steps taking place BMS will provide you a customer advisor (on staff full time dedicated to implementation), and recommend a project manager from your store (someone who will be communicating and directing the process in house). 

Pre-system Installation

To assist you with installation and Phase 1 Go-live, your customer advisor will discuss each step, answering all your questions while obtaining information required for each step. The First step, "pre-system installation", spans from the instant the deal is signed to the moment the equipment arrives at your doorstep.

During this stage BMS will assign a trainer to aid you through the introductory chapters of the getting started manual; system control files, tax tables, system code tables, accounts receivable and inventory data. Each chapter will be covered in a series of scheduled telephone calls with your assigned trainer. Your customer advisor and your scheduled trainer will work together to meet all your special needs and recommendations during the initial setup process. 

Site preparation will also laid out for you at this time including layout and cable runs. Data cables are used to make a connection between a system PC's, workstations and other hardware peripherals ( i.e. printers, cash drawers). The customer advisor will discuss cable install guidelines and cabling options which would best suit your business, and help you through the installation of the cables in your store whether outsourced or done in house (keeping in mind that BMS provides the short-run cables 25-6' to hook up each individual component). Working out your specific internet needs will also be done during this time as our customer advisor will work closely with you and your internet provider. 

Installation and Phase 1 Go-Live

The second step is BMS installation and Phase 1 Go-live. The Main agenda of step two is to provide professional software training, to familiarize your staff with the system, to continue initial setup and data entry with the getting started manual and to complete Phase 1 Go-live. 

Your installation service technician will arrive on the date scheduled by you and your customer advisor. Upon arrival, he or she will un-box the equipment and place the equipment where you desire for BMS training. after training is complete, the system equipment will be installed in your desired locations which would be predetermined by you and your customer advisor. All terminals, workstations, printers and miscellaneous hardware peripherals will be configured according to your system preferences and personalized according to staff tasks. 

During this step a data conversion would be available to obtain data from your current system and convert it to the proper usable BMS format. Including:    A/R accounts, Basic vendor information, Inventory Item information (usually on-hand counts at time of go live)

Phase 1 Go-Live is the next important step. At this point the following BMS features will be activated for system use: POS, Inventory control and A/R.

Additional training and Phase 2 Go-live

In the span of time from your Phase 1 Go-live to your Phase 2 Go-live, your business has been operational on several functions of the BMS system. In that time, you and your staff may have developed several "how to" questions regarding system functionalities. In step 3, several of these questions will be answered in the additional training that will occur during the second visit. Amongst the training, several other functions will be brought live on the BMS system: Suggested Ordering, BBS training, etc.