Convenient Catalog Load

With BMS forget about having to load every inventory item into your system an extremely tedious and frustrating task. BMS offers catalog loads in order to avoid this (1 catalog load comes free of charge with every new system). In essence you're carrying your inventory over with you.

Some vendors provide between 45,000 and 70,000 items in their catalog. Understandably you won't have every item stocked on your shelf; however it will be in your system. So if that special customer comes along requesting a unique item or PO your system will still be able to order and manage it. 

Along with the inventory items BMS's catalog loads can even capture your primary vendor's department numbers. So when searching, ordering, or updating inventory you have a very specific reference to use. The departments will become a vital way of tracking the flow of inventory and will ease managing your inventory. 

BMS understands that with so many inventory items sometimes even your distributors catalog may have inaccuracies. This is why for each catalog load we run a list of warnings to provide you a detailed report of your inventory items in the system. These warnings include the following:

With BMS catalog loads you can rest assured knowing your inventory has been meticulously processed and combed through for errors and that on your go-live transactions will be seamless.