BMS Success stories

Buddy the owner of Brownlee's General store, in Lawrenceville Georgia, is a very satisfied and long standing BMS customer. Buddy's store has been in his family for generatons, and they specialize in feed and seed, as well as a wide variety of seasonal plants, and a good selection of mercantile goods. When Buddy made the decision to go with BMS a few years ago he was a little hesitant  due to the length of time the store had been successful with out one, however.  Buddy now says that BMS became a very useful tool in helping to cut down on  costs, and manage a more organized store. 

When we asked Buddy if we could share his success story he smiled and gladly   replied "you bet". We asked Buddy what he liked best about the BMS system he replied, "the detail, from history lookup at point of sale to the different units of measure which really help with feed and seed, the flexibility the BMS system gives me is great". Buddy also mentioned how adding purchase order's to invoices is a great feature along with AIS. 

Overall Buddy is very pleased with the BMS system and the support that he receives for it. Buddy said that the BMS system has helped to improve his business from tracking inventory to managing price updates Buddy could not be happier with the system, and we are thankful to have another great customer as part of the BMS family.