BMS effortless quote creation

The quotes and orders features of the BMS system gives your business the flexibility to create a ticket with special prices when bidding for a particular contract. It is typically used for quoting a set of prices (or a total price) for a particular job, such as the materials needed to create a house, a deck, or even work orders for small engine repair. 

Quotes in the BMS system work like ordinary tickets in point of sale, except you have much more control over pricing and margin issues. You can even set a date when the quote will expire, and update the quote's cost and prices if you choose to extend the expiration date of the quote. 

When creating a quote the BMS system gives you the added advantage of being able to import kits. A kit can be any group of line items which are typically sold together. An example of this would be if you happen to weld and fit pre-fabricated aluminum storage sheds. You could build a kit with the metal sheathing, tubular metal/wood frame, bolts needed to fasten together, labor used to build the shed and the bags of concrete and sand needed to make the floor. This is just an example of the capabilities kit making gives you, but it also gives you the ability to leave out certain line items at your discretion. Say a customer wanted the shed but was not planning on building a concrete floor. You are given the flexibility to simply delete the line item from the quote.

Processing quotes into orders and finally into invoices couldn't be any easier. From your POS screen simply select change quote to an order (at this point the system will prompt to create a PO if inventory needed for the order is missing from your store), after the inventory comes in and the customer comes to pick up the items easily change the order to an invoice from your POS screen. 

With BMS quotes and orders software bundle you are given the tools to provide to your customers the best possible service. Your customers will thank you for the simplicity, and you'll soon wonder how you ever got along without it.