Every sale contributes to the bottom line, so it's vitally important to handle each sale efficiently

In the retail environment, things move quickly. That's why BMS is designed to make the selling process easier and more efficient.BMS is structured in a logical, easy- to-follow format. Most transactions are handled on a single screen, so sales transactions can be rung up quickly,  without error. This means that your staff can be more productive while focusing their attention on better customer service.With BMS, your salespeople have quick access to item location and availability. One simple screen provides all of the product information your salespeople need to effectively assist your customers,such as:

BMS also provides complete credit information on your customers. For example, it lets you know which accounts are delinquent or over their credit limit, before the sale! Bottom line is, the system lets your salespeople concentrate on providing better service and selling products, rather than performing manual or repetitive tasks. Because BMS works the way your business works, your store will run smoother, your employees will work smarter, and your entire operation will be more productive and profitable.

The point of sale screen looks like a "fill in the blank" order form that walks you through the sale. It provides bar code scanning or multiple item searches by alpha code, item number, UPC, or part of the description, etc. UPC codes can be fixed right at POS!! There are multiple payment types including debit and gift card, layaway, and electronic check clearing. Dual mailing lists for charge and non-charge customers, sale pricing updates, free form or pre-formatted comment lines, cash drawer audit, credit checking, signature capture, PO numbers management, inventory inquiries, valid signature checking, "hot key" discounting and serialized inventory! Almost any other function can be accessed from POS such as inventory, customer accounts and invoice history. From the POS screen you can look up detailed inventory items, recent or historical customer transactions and balances, quotes, orders, and work orders! You can also view every item a customer purchased within a given time period, allow you to choose multiple items from the search to add to the current invoice. The NEW "Bill of Materials" feature allows you to sell a single item, yet relieve inventory of a whole series of items. The POS features are endless.