Disaster Recovery: Total back up and reliability with BMS


With BMS you are assured disaster relief by integrating the powerful proprietary disaster relief program Lone-Tar into our system. Since 1983 Lone-Tar has been the go to industry standard for back up and recovery software. We chose to integrate Lone-Tar software into our systems due to its long standing track record and ease of use. 

With Lone-Tar's recovery software a complete replica of your systems operating system can be rebuilt allowing you to get your system back up quickly. Rescue-Ranger allows you to rebuild your previous hard drive configuration with a bootable CD. Rescue-Ranger works with your Lone-Tar disaster relief DVD to completely rebuild your entire computer to its original settings, along with your daily back-ups your system will be back to fully operational including all of your BMS systems data and settings. 

Take the uncertainty out of owning and maintaining a fully integrated pos system. With your company's entire investment linked to BMS we strive to offer complete assurance your data is secure.