Simple Easy Effective Item History and Lookup

Item history lookup is yet another powerful search technique available directly at POS. With BMS item history feature you can easily lookup every time a given customer purchased that particular item, how many they bought and what they paid at the time. The history search helps to find which customer may have purchased an item, this is a useful search when pulling information for warranties or even to track repairs done by serial number. 

The point of sale item history is very useful for processing returns, especially without a receipt. You are able to search while in POS to display every time that customer bought that item, starting with the most recent, and it even allows you to pick the sale for the pricing of the return. For cash and carry customers you have the ability to search by date this way you can determine if the customer is being honest about their purchase of the product. 

With BMS and item history you are given the power and flexibility to quickly pull up past transactions of items sold, to which customers they were sold, and at what price. Have a loyal customer who comes in twice a week to buy the same five gallon bucket of paint, and the price of the paint just went up $3.50 a gallon. Well instead of potentially loosing this valuable customer simply sell the same item for the price you sold it to them last week. BMS gives you the flexibility to manage your store in a more customer friendly way.