BMS Payroll Software

Why Focus on Multiple Databases when BMS Offers Complete Financial System Integration?

BMS offers a fully integrated accounting package. All the modules work together to streamline the posting of various accounting practices. The POS sends information to GL, Payroll works with Timecard software and updates GL, Accounts Payable shares the vendor files used for Inventory control and in turn updates to GL. Balance Sheets and Profit and Loss statements can easily be generated.

Payroll- BMS lets you post time for both hourly and salaried employees, issue checks and print journals. Payroll automatically calculates all federal, state and local taxes. There are 14 ways to pay employees and 10 flexible deductions (i.e. cafeteria plan). Data from the payroll system is entered automatically into the general ledger for financial reports. The payroll system prints all tax forms including W2s. An automated "timecard" feature allows employee to clock in and out from any workstation.