eOrdering: Supplier Communications

With BMS your vendor communication capabilities are finally here. With our bulletin board system (BBS) we give you the ability to communicate through their BBS, internet, or special programs. 

With BMS we constantly strive to be the best which is why we offer communication to the top distributors in the business including but not limited too: Ace Hardware, Blish Mize, True Value, Do it Best, Jensen Distribution, Orgill, Wallace, Moore Handley, House Hasson, Handy Hardware and many more. 

With most or all of the vendors we communicate with there are typically 5 types of content available for download:

  1. Uploading purchase orders- you can send purchase orders directly to your vendor, instead of mailing or faxing a printed copy.

  2. Downloading invoice files- in many ways the opposite of transmitting a purchase order, this function allows you to download a copy of an invoice, place it into your BMS system as if it was a purchase order you created using your BMS system and then receive the purchase order. This can also be used if you would like to create purchase orders using a scanning device provided by your vendor. 

  3. Downloading new items/item maintenance files- this option allows you to download a file from your vendor's BBS that contains new items you do not have on file already and also updated price and cost information for items you already carry. 

  4. Download price update files- this option is similar to downloading new items/ item maintenance files, except it only updates items that are already on file, and only changes their cost and retail price. 

  5. Download circulars/ Promotion files- these are promotions or sale prices that are pre-set by your vendor with certain items, the sale prices, and a starting and ending date of the sale. 

BMS is a fully integrated system offering communications to most major vendors via BBS for your convenience and ease of management.