Take total control of your businesses customer accounts

With BMS your accounts are handled and maintained professionally with balance forward and open item inquiries. Never lose track of unpaid or open invoices on A/R accounts again. With BMS and balance forward A/R accounts forget the headache of trying to individually manage every account, BMS will automatically track and calculate aging for your 30/60/90 customers. BMS also gives you the ability to apply payment charges to past due accounts, individually run statements and pull previous month statements for reprint. 

Use BMS open item inquiry to display or print a detailed report for a specific customer's account. Essentially open item inquiry shows every invoice, payment, credit memo etc. that is still open or active. Items which will come up on the open item inquiry include payments not applied toward invoices, any invoices with a balance due, any unresolved service charges, and any unapplied credit memos or discounts. 

What search options do I have in open item inquiry?

We understand the importance of managing perhaps your company's biggest asset your accounts receivables, which is why such importance was placed on your being able to effectively and efficiently maintain your balance forward A/R customer accounts.