Take Control of Your Customer Accounts

Manage Accurate Information About Your Charge Customers and Take Control of the Way They Handle Their Account with You

Your receivables are one of your most valuable assets. BMS gives you the tools to generate accurate information about your charge customers and take control of valuable dollars tied up in accounts receivable.

With just a few keystrokes, you can view a complete accounting ledger for any customer. Each customer file tracks charges, payments, and keeps a running 30, 60, and 90 day history. This provides you with the information you need to follow up on delinquent accounts- and unlock your accounts receivable dollars. The system gives you complete flexibility for discounting, pricing and taxing for each account. The BMS Accounts Receivable system also allows you to print and mail over 500 statements in under and hour- delivering unmatched speed and efficiency.

The BMS Accounts Receivable system is a concise application for tracking invoices, payments, credits, and adjustments from the Point of Sale module. This open item or balance forward system is capable of running stand alone or interfaced to the general ledger system. Detail information is maintained for each customers purchase and allows the generation of customer statements at any time through out the month. Aged invoice reports and expected cash flow analysis are amongst the several detailed reports that are part of the standard BMS system. The A/R "Sub Account" feature allows a customer to keep track of multiple jobs by receiving individual statements and their invoices. The valid signature feature allows for multiple signatures to an A/R account. With AIS a signed photo copy of each invoice automatically prints with each customer's statement. These invoices can print as many as six to a page or a separate invoice on each page, selected by customer.