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House Hasson Hardware Show – Sevierville Events Center – Sevierville, TN

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House Hasson Hardware Show - Opryland Convention Center Nashville, TN

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My family and I are heading to Haiti for the first week of April.  We will be working with the parents of the students in The Good Shepherd School in Pele, a slum outside Port au Prince, to teach them to make Christmas ornaments for sale as fundraisers in the states.  With only 8 people in 100 having jobs, this is one of the most critical needs in Haiti.  Many of that nation's ills can be avoided with employment.
The school has been chosen by Architects Without Borders to receive a grant from Bill Clinton and George Bush's benevolence fund for reconstruction.The demolition of the two main structures is expected to start this month, one year after the earthquake.  Over the past year our team has constructed dozens of classrooms with corrugated tin roofs to accommodate the 1,000 students at this, the community's only school.  
We have heard of only a couple children from the school dying of Cholera since the outbreak began.  Considering the sanitary conditions of the community, this is surprising.  Of course the school offers clean water, and for most students, their only meal of the day.  I guess this could be a large contributor of the low mortality rate.
If you would like to know more, please visit the school's website at www.haitichildsponsorship.org  

or call me.
Mark Adams